Accounting software has evolved
FRS is a new Financial Reporter for Sage 300 which uses the Crystal Reporting engine - just like every other Sage 300 report. It also provides a powerful yet easy to use report designer which has the same functionality as the old Excel add-in but in a standard, easy to use, Sage 300 user interface.


Everyone knows you can’t print financial statements with Crystal Reports right? Wrong! In the past we have always had to have two report writers - one for general reports and a separate report writer for financial statements. Well, now with Dingosoft’s patented technology, you can print all your reports with Crystal which means greater efficiencies and cost savings all round both on the desktop and in the cloud giving you true freedom of choice.

FRS combines all the best features of the Sage 300 financial reporter with all the best features of Microsoft FRx plus a whole lot more to give you the most advanced financial reporter ever developed.

True Row, Column and Data Sets that can be referenced by (not copied to) reports means that you can for example have multiple reports all using the one row set and if a change is required you only need to change the one row set rather than every report.

The Ultimate Sage 300 FR

The standard Sage 300 Excel-based Financial Reporter is an extremely powerful reporting tool however the Excel interface has a steep learning curve and being Excel-based, it won’t work with Sage 300c. FRS brings the same Sage 300 FR powerful functionality to an easy to use, point and click, standard Sage 300 interface and uses the same Crystal report writer as all the other Sage 300 reports. And being 100% developed in the Sage 300 SDK it will work with both Sage 300 and 300c and any other future Sage 300 technology.

Not just another Business Intelligence tool

FRS is not another Business Intelligence tool - it’s an advanced Financial Reporter designed to print Sage 300 Financial Statements. That’s all it does. That’s why it does it so well. FRS is a standard Sage 300 module. Just download and run the install.exe from our website go into Admin Services / Data Activation to activate it and then you can go and print any of the standard financial reports which work with ANY data set that has account groups set up (any account groups that is), or start developing your own reports with the easy to use built-in report designer.

Bonus - Download the Arial font for Sage 300 reports here: ARIAL2.TTF

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